The Chalk Boy

July 31 - Aug 8, 2015

WRITTEN BY Joshua Conkel
DIRECTED BY Mike Werckle

Like his play MilkMilkLemonade, Joshua Conkel's The Chalk Boy epitomizes The West Side Show Room's style: blistering social commentary in the guise of ridiculous comedy.  Four teenage girls from the town of Clear Creek, Washington, reenact the events surrounding the disappearance of their classmate Jeffrey Chalk. Conkel borrows elements from The Craft, Twin Peaks, and Heathers, giving us a glimpse into the lives of four very different young women as they deal with identity, sexuality, and the nature of belief.

The Chalk Boy was presented in the basement Black Box Theater at The Nordlof Center, 118 N Main St, Rockford, Illinois.

There is more going on in the tiny town of Clear Creek than the opening of the new Taco Bell. Four of the town’s girls take you on a tour of their funny, yet brutal reality. They struggle with faith, friendship, sex, the occult, algebra, and the disappearance of…The Chalk Boy.


Mary Bridgeland - Lauren
Stephanie Iverson - Trisha
Maya Hopkins - Penny
Kiera Bouton - Breanna



Set/Lights/Sound: Mike Werckle
Fight Choreography: Erin Philpott
Produced & Directed by Mike Werckle

Production Stage Manager: Liz Lazdins
Rehearsal Stage Manager: Beth Edgerton


The Chalk Boy was a part of Season 1½
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