JUNE 13 - 29, 2014

WRITTEN BY Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
DIRECTED BY Mike Werckle

After the success of Vampire Lesbians and MilkMilkLemonade, The West Side Show Room was eager to build on what worked without repeating itself. Boom, by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb provided an opportunity to champion West Side Show Room fan favorites Carolyn Cadigan and Alex Ruano, while flexing a little more artistic muscle.

Boom tells the story of two college students who meet on craigslist for an evening of casual sex, but are thwarted by the apocalypse. Like Big Bang Theory meets Armageddon, with a bit of Twelve Monkeys, Boom has has highly intelligent underpinnings, pitting belief against science in what amounts to a creation myth for evolution.

According to Nachtrieb’s website, in Boom the college students “meet in a subterranean biology lab for an erotic ‘casual encounter.’ But there's nothing casual whatsoever about this particular evening. Will meaningless sex have meaning? What's going on in the fish tank? And who is that woman, Barbara, pulling levers in the corner? Something is about to explode.”

Boom was presented at The West Side Show Room's original theater space at 410 Mulberry Street in Rockford, Illinois.

“[Boom] is more of the over the top fun the company is known for, but for those who venture to ‘think between the lines’...there is a whole different layer to the play. “
— James Castree,


Carolyn Cadigan - Barbara
Adriana Contreras - Jo
Alex Ruano - Jules

Set/Lighting Design: Brandon Severing
Fight Choreography: Erin Philpott
Props: Rosemary Million
Produced and Directed by Mike Werckle

General Manager: Laurie Oliver
Stage Manager: Tatianna Salisbury
Rehearsal Stage Manager: Rosemary Million


Boom was a part of our first season.
Learn more about Season 1...

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