MARCH 3 - 11, 2017


Blunderland is the true story of Rockford’s Bill Carlson (1934-2012) who was an Episcopal Deacon by day and a beautiful drag performer by night. One of Rockford’s most fascinating characters, Bill Carlson performed as "Miss Seaway Rose" at The Office Niteclub and became an ordained Episcopal minister working for St. Chad’s Church in Loves Park.

Bill Carlson/Miss Seaway Rose was played by Andrew Harth, last seen at The WSSR as Emory in MilkMilkLemonade.

This hilarious one-person comedy has  improvisation and audience participation, but also portrays the struggle of LGBT people to find acceptance at church.

Blunderland was performed at The Center For Arts And Spirituality, 920 Third Avenue in Rockford.

“There’s a new show in town. It’s hilarious, colorful, exotic; it’s intimate, sad and personal; it’s thought provoking and soul searching, and very funny; it’s all these things and more.”
— Bill Beard, The Rock River Times
“I know what can be lost if the stranger is not welcome.”
— Miss Seaway Rose


Andrew Harth - Bill Carlson / Miss Seaway Rose


Produced & Directed by: Rufus Cadigan
Scenic & Lighting Designer: Jim Radloff
Costume Designer: Jeff Hendry
Wig Design: Patte Lund
Sound Design: Mike Werckle
Lighting & Sound Technician: Jim Radloff

Production Assistance & Marketing: WSSR


The West Side Show Room provided Blunderland with production and marketing assistance.

The following individuals made generous financial contributions to support the creation of this new work:

Mary Kowing
Don & Sherry Martin
Kathleen & Ronald Mattison
Gaen McClendon
Beth McGowan & Stanley Arnold
Deborah Mogford
Sherry Mogford
Linda Niemic
Bobby Sorce
Ken & Pat Staaf
Duane & Rulee Stallman
Mike Werckle
Marge & Gary Wingert

Timm Adams & Robbie Margolin
Roger Benedict
David Black
Stanley Campbell
Emily & Mark Christensen
Michael Dice & Rosemary Million
Jim Gunn
Fred & Maxine Hadley
Wanda Hoover
Joan Hurd
Richard & Raenn Jurgens
Joan & Carl Kole
Heidi Korf

Rufus Cadigan's Production of Blunderland was sponsored by The West Side Show Room.
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